Adviser Ethical Toolkit

Sometimes, starting the conversation can be the hardest step when talking to clients about Ethical. Because of this, we have created a range of resources or 'tools' to assist financial advisers when they are discussing Ethical Investing with clients. Please feel free to download any of the resources on this page and take them with you to meetings. 


Toolkit Thumbnail   If you would like to download all of the resources in one document click here.



Sustainable Investing with Whitechurch Brochure

Our brochure contains information about Our Ethical Investment Philosophy and the Sustainable Investment solutions we offer at Whitechurch. 

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Socially Responsible Investing (SRI) Guide 

Clients will have a lot to digest during your ethical discussions, so it is useful to give them our Socially Responsible Investment (SRI) guide. It covers topics such as the investment screening process, thematic investing and a jargon buster.


Ethical Client Questionnaire

Use this questionnaire to determine how ethically minded your clients are and whether an ethical investment portfolio would be suitable for them.


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 Ethical Flow Chart

A discussion aid in order to ascertain what is most important to your clients and the next steps to take. 

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Green Newsletter

We have designed a Green Newsletter for your clients to highlight what their money is put towards within ethical portfolios and what investments are avoided. Our newsletter also provides a case study to explain how ethical investments can be split to provide both income and yield, as well as a demonstration of our three year performance figures.

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Adviser concerns Q&A

A break down of some of the common concerns (and misconceptions) from advisers that we come across when discussing Ethical Investing solutions.