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Why choose Whitechurch Financial Consultants?

We are a  firm of financial advisers passionate about helping people who are serious about enhancing their wealth, improving their standard of living and creating a secure long-term financial future for themselves and their families.

Established since 1982, our team of experienced, highly qualified advisers deliver a comprehensive wealth management service, built on individually tailored financial planning advice. We also work closely with the award-winning Whitechurch Investment Management team to create investment portfolios for private clients.

Advisory Services

We offer a full financial planning service encompassing wealth management, retirement planning, long term care planning, inheritance tax planning and mitigation, and protection assessment and implementation.

Investment Management

Our award winning services provide you with the opportunity to place your monies in the hands of professional investment managers. We deliver investment services in the form of Discretionary Investment Management Services. This is particularly suitable for those who do not wish, or have the time or expertise, to look after their investments on a day to day basis.

Professional Advice

With our emphasis on comprehensive wealth management, Whitechurch Financial Consultants work closely with other professional advisers to ensure that clients’ financial affairs are fully co-ordinated.

What our clients say

"I have had particularly good dealings with the advice from my financial adviser. I could not have asked for a more obliging service."

Mr AH - Lancashire

“I have received the latest quarterly reports, overall I am very pleased that I made the change to Whitechurch. Hindsight is a wonderful thing but I should have moved my pension years ago.”

Mr DS - Oxford

“Quite excellent support and service. My Whitechurch adviser has worked with me for some 15 years."

Mr AL - Blackburn

Latest news

Whitechurch Investment Update: All that glistens...

Unless you have been living under a rock for the last ten years you will be aware of the excitement and controversy that surrounds cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin. This blog explores whether Whitechurch believes Bitcoin is an investible asset....

Is Inheritance Tax Voluntary?

1 in 20 estates in the UK pay inheritance tax (source: HMRC), you could save your family hundreds of thousands of pounds with careful financial planning. Having worked hard to accumulate wealth, many people want to protect at least some of their assets for the benefit of their loved ones, but Inheritance Tax can have a signficant impact on the amount you leave behind. ...

Whitechurch Investment Update: The Growth to Value Rotation

In a year like no other, one could argue that 2020’s parting shot took aim at growth investors. Towards the end of November, we began to see the long-anticipated rotation away from large-cap and growth areas of the market in favour of both their smaller-cap and lowly-valued counterparts. ...

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