Pension and Retirement Planning

Retirement is one of the most significant lifestyle changes that most people will ever have to go through. As a result, several factors need to be considered in order to best prepare yourself and your family for those potentially long years in retirement.

  • We can discuss the various options available and help you put a plan in place to ensure that you and your family are best placed to enjoy a comfortable retirement.
  • From SIPPS to state pension, we can go through what type of pension scheme/schemes that you have and the options they offer.
  • There are several ways of converting your pension fund into retirement income, buying an annuity is one of them. Once an annuity is set up it cannot be encashed, your money has to be spent and it is extremely unlikely that the annuity can be altered – full consideration should be given to the decision, something one of our financial consultants can offer advice for.

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Supporting literature

We have produced a range of free guides to help you with your financial planning, including information on retirement options, inheritance tax plannning and the latest tax rates. You can download these by filling in your details below or contact us and we can post them to you.

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