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Portfolio Management Service

The Whitechurch Portfolio Management Service offers exposure to a range of eleven risk rated investment strategies. It is suitable for investors looking to invest a lump sum, invest monthly or transfer from another investment provider.

Key points

  • Working closely with your Financial Adviser, you determine your investment objectives and attitude to risk. This will ascertain which of the strategies managed by Whitechurch under the Portfolio Management Service meets your risk/reward profile.
  • Each strategy is tailored to meet specific objectives using a range of collective investments. This can include Unit Trusts, Open Ended Investment Companies (OEICs), Investment Trusts and Exchange Traded Products (ETPs).
  • Portfolios will be diversified across investment markets and asset classes. Key constituents will typically include equity funds, bond funds, property funds, alternative funds and money market instruments.
  • The Whitechurch Investment Team has access to top fund managers. This provides exposure to experts in each area of the investment process and helps the team identify emerging trends early.
  • Independence - Whitechurch has no in-house funds and is not affiliated with any other institution.
  • The service is purely fee based. Whitechurch will not receive commission from underlying investments.
  • Value - We will aim to invest in institutional share classes that have lower fees than funds usually available to retail investors.
  • The Whitechurch Portfolio Management Service can be held as a standalone investment and also within a wide range of tax wrappers to help minimise tax liabilities. It can be used to consolidate existing Individual Savings Account (ISA) portfolios, to invest within a Self-Invested Personal Pension (SIPP) and within offshore investment bonds. Please speak to your Financial Adviser regarding suitable tax wrappers.
  • The Whitechurch Portfolio Management Service is not suitable for everybody. We recommend you take professional advice before entering into any obligations or transactions.


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