Personally Tailored Service

For a minimum investment of £250,000 Whitechurch will construct and manage your portfolio based on your individual risk/return requirements.

This service is suitable for clients who have specific investment managed requirements such as Capital Gains Tax management, or restrictions on asset classes (such as a country or property restriction); or clients who wish to have UK direct equities in their portfolio. The portfolios are discretionary as we do not offer an advisory or execution only service.


Working with your Financial Adviser You should seek advice from a Financial Adviser before investing in the Whitechurch Personally Tailored Service.
A Financial Adviser can assess which strategy is suitable for your financial planning requirements; and ensure that your portfolio is always focused towards achieving your investment objectives, within a suitable risk tolerance. 
Investment wrappers Under the Whitechurch Personally Tailored Service your portfolio can be held as a standalone discretionary managed portfolio and may also be held within a range of tax efficient wrappers - which can be discussed with your Financial Adviser. The flexibility to use your Personally Tailored portfolio as a pension or tax planning tool can be very valuable within your overall financial strategy. Please speak to your Financial Adviser regarding the suitability of tax wrappers. To find out more, click here
Taxation Appropriate personal taxation advice should be sought particularly if you are likely to exceed your personal Capital Gains Tax (CGT) allowance (not applicable for ISA and SIPP). 
Other key points
  • The Whitechurch Personally Tailored Service is purely fee-based. Whitechurch Securities will not receive commission from the underlying investments.
  • Independence - Whitechurch has no in-house funds and is not affiliated with any other institution.
  • A Whitechurch Personally Tailored portfolio is only suitable as a long term investment i.e. for five years or more. It is not suitable for everybody. We recommend you take professional advice before entering into any obligations or transactions.

 Interested in finding out more?

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