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Whitechurch Securities provides a range of wealth management services.

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The Whitechurch Prestige Investment Management Service

This popular and award winning service is aimed at investors with over £50,000 to invest.

The Whitechurch Investment Team will construct a portfolio to meet specific individual investment goals, based upon the objectives and attitude to risk the adviser has deemed suitable for their client. 

Portfolios in the Prestige Investment Service are based on risk profiles of 3 to 8, out of 10; and are independently rated by Distribution Technology, on the Dynamic Planner service.

Multi-asset portfolios are tailored to meet investor objectives using a range of collective investments (this can include Unit Trusts, Open Ended Investment Companies (OEICs), Investment Trusts and Exchange Traded Products). 

Portfolios will be diversified across investment markets and asset classes. Key constituents will typically include equity funds, bond funds, property funds, alternative funds and money market instruments. 

The Investment Team will have full discretion on asset allocation, fund selection (both passive and active funds) and timing of re-balancing with the sole objective being to produce optimum risk-adjusted returns for your clients.

A highly competitive charging structure is in place, with a sliding scale of annual management charges from 0.25% plus VAT. 

It is an ideal service to consolidate existing Individual Savings Account (ISA) portfolios, to invest within a Self-Invested Personal Pension (SIPP) and within Onshore and Offshore Investment Bonds.

To find out more read the Prestige Investment Management Service Brochure


The Whitechurch Portfolio Management Service

This is our entry level service, available for investments of £3,000 or £250 per month.

The Portfolio Management Service offers a wide range of model portfolios - diversified across investment markets and asset classes. Key constituents will typically include equity funds, bond funds, property funds, alternative funds and money market instruments.

The portfolios each have clearly identifiable strategies and are given a risk rating with clearly defined parameters.

Demonstrable performance track record (stretching over 10 years for some strategies).

The portfolios are available through our own in-house administration as well as on third party platforms. This provides further choice in how investors (through their Financial Advisers) can access our services. Our Business Development Team can provide an update on the current platforms as and when required.

Portfolios with Distribution Technology ratings are available for advisers who follow their Dynamic Planner ratings. To find out more read the Portfolio Management Service Brochure


Personally Tailored Service

For clients with a minimum of £250,000 to invest Whitechurch will construct and manage a portfolio based upon the individual risk/return requirements. This will encompass a managed portfolio of UK shares that will be diversified with a range of collective investments to provide access to overseas shares and other asset classes. Under this service CGT management can be provided and existing holdings can be transferred in.


The Whitechurch Direct Equity Services

These services provide the opportunity for your clients to hold an actively managed portfolio of UK shares managed by Whitechurch’s Investment Team. The portfolio will invest in UK listed shares, offering a clearly defined investment strategy. Whitechurch Direct Equity Portfolios are available through two options: 

Direct Equity Portfolio

With a £50,000 investment you can gain access to a discretionary managed model portfolio of UK shares, offering Growth, income and Growth and Yield strategies. 

Combined Portfolio

If you have a minimum of £80,000 to invest Whitechurch offers a range of model based strategies to meet varying risk and investment objectives. Under this service a multi-asset portfolio is managed using UK shares combined with collective investments.