Due Diligence | Whitechurch Securities Limited | Redland, Bristol

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Due Diligence

Whitechurch is one of a select number of wealth managers who have been given the 3D Due Diligence award by Asset Risk Consultants (ARC) on their Suggestus research platform.
3D Arc Award 2018
ARC 3D is an independent endorsement,  awarded to investment managers offering genuine private client, multi-asset class solutions; and committed to the principles of transparency, engagement and integrity.

We believe that an independent source of due diligence is invaluable, for advisers to have confidence in a DFM. The rigorous approach employed, for Suggestus, in examining DFM propositions can help provide peace of mind to advisers outsourcing their clients’ investments.

You can read our ARC 3D Manager Factsheet here.  You can also log onto the Suggestus site, search for  Whitechurch or filter the lists to 3D managers, and access our full Due Diligence Report.