Adviser Retirement Options: Why Whitechurch?

6th February 2020

Whether you are looking to retire or exit the industry today, in six months or three years we understand that it is not only important that you are looked after in your retirement but your clients too. Below are a few examples of the reasons why Whitechurch could be an option for you. 

Whitechurch has undertaken a number of acquisitions over the years with good success. We would actively encourage you to speak to some of the previous advisers who have chosen our proposition to gain their views.

Dedicated Process
Having the benefit of experience means that we have a defined process in place for acquisitions to ensure that client migration is as successful and as seamless as possible. We will work with you to develop a tailored handover plan including joint meetings where desired.

Client Centric
We consider that financial advice and investment management are two separate disciplines. Whilst we have a DFM, our focus is firmly on client needs and our proposition is based purely on recurring advisory fee income rather than where investments are held.

The benefit of choosing us for your exit solution is that we can be very flexible with how you would like to structure your exit. We can work with you whether you are looking to exit in six months or three years. We also have options available to those wanting to retire in a few years but start along the road of integration now relieving many of the headaches that come with running your own advisory practice.

Graded Service Propositions
We have four different service level propositions and have provision for face to face meetings. It is therefore very likely that your service proposition will align neatly with one of ours.

Aim to Align
We aim to replicate the high-quality service you currently provide to clients and to which they are accustomed.

Advice Specialists
Whitechurch Financial Consultants has been advising clients for over 35 years and they are proud of their Chartered Status.

If any of the above is of interest, or indeed you have some additional questions then please do contact us. Your individual circumstances can be discussed over the telephone or probably more enjoyably over a coffee face to face. There is never any obligation and we fully accept that the start of any journey is answering the questions that you have.