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Discretionary Management Service

For over 20 years, Whitechurch has operated with a dedicated team of investment managers who work closely with advisers to offer actively managed investment portfolios.

We recognise that the majority of people do not wish to or indeed have the time or expertise to look after their own investments on a day to day basis, which is why we offer Discretionary Management Services.

Our Discretionary Management Services provide the opportunity for personal wealth to be managed, via a financial adviser, by our fully qualified investment team who will take full responsibility for the construction, active management and administration of your investment portfolio.

Our services are rated by leading industry analysts'. For instance, Asset Risk Consultants (ARC) calculate performance on Whitechurch portfolios using an independently produced method of comparing risk-adjusted performance across the DFM peer group.

See full details of our services here and you can request further information, including quarterly reports, from the Whitechurch Business Development Team.