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A Strategic Alliance

If you're not retiring just yet but you could benefit from flexible support, we can offer you a Strategic Alliance partnership whereby you can align your business closely to Whitechurch.

We can offer segregated mandates based on your clearly defined parameters and special terms to access our DFM services.

For an agreed fee you can also gain access to administrative support and resources such as:

  • Para-planning
  • Research
  • File checking
  • Compliance

 We also offer the option of taking on your investment clients whilst you to continue to write insurance and protection business.


Considering your options

Naturally, a partnership will only work if it is of benefit to everyone; for you, before and when you retire, for us and, of course, for your clients.

We already work with a number of Financial Advisers to provide them with exit strategies from the industry.

If you are thinking about exiting the profession, be it imminently or any time over the next 10 years, click on the link below, as the first step to exploring how we could work with you.


Want to discuss your options?