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Direct Equity Services

Working with Financial Advisers to create tailored investment solutions

Whitechurch Direct Equity Services provide the opportunity for investors to hold actively managed portfolios of UK shares – managed by the Whitechurch Investment Team.

Direct Equity Portfolio

Clients with a higher risk objective can invest a minimum of £50,000 into a standalone Direct Equity Portfolio. 

Portfolios consist of 15-25 shares listed on the London Stock Exchange. The selected shares will be dependent upon a client’s chosen investment objective. We offer three objectives for the direct equity portfolio service:

  • Yield Portfolio

  • Growth Portfolio

  • Income and Growth Portfolio

These portfolios are invested wholly in the stockmarket, hence they are only suitable for investors with an above-average risk tolerance. They can be used as standalone investments or as the direct equity content for a UK allocation within a Personally Tailored portfolio, combined with collective investments to meet the client's risk and objective requirements.


For full details of the Whitechurch Direct Equity Services, including details of fees and charges please see the brochure in the Literature Library.