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Adviser Retirement Options


With over 30 years’ of wealth management experience, we understand the challenges advisers face in managing their client base and the concerns they may have about what will happen to their clients when they retire.


We launched Adviser Retirement Options  to extend the support we have provided over the years, and it offers more solutions which can be beneficial to advisers and their clients.


If you are thinking about your eventual retirement, or exiting the industry sooner, Adviser Retirement Options can help you improve the service that you offer your clients whilst in parallel enhance the value of your own business.


Adviser Retirement Options 

Considering Selling?

Need more support now?

Become an Appointed Representative?

We can offer attractive terms and work closely with you to ensure a smooth transition

Through a strategic alliance, you can access core resources such as compliance, research, and para-planning.

You can align your businesses with the Whitechurch Central Investment Proposition - in readiness for exiting the profession in the future.


Access to work closer with the Whitechurch investment team


Ian McIverWhitechurch Adviser Retirement Options is headed up by Ian McIver. Ian has over 20 years' experience in the industry and is currently the PFS Education Officer for South Wales. He says, "We operate very differently to the large consolidators who simply want to hoover up a client bank. I believe that we can offer something different by working closely with advisers to ensure that their clients continue to receive a high-quality service, whilst also providing attractive exit terms to the adviser”.

 Considering your options
Naturally, a partnership will only work if it is of benefit to everyone; for you, before and when you retire, for us and, of course, for your clients.
We already work with a number of Financial Advisers to provide them with exit strategies from the industry.
If you are thinking about exiting the profession, be it imminently or any time over the next 10 years, then please do contact Ian on 07708 712 967 or by email
Alternatively, you can click on the link below, as the first step to exploring how we could work with you.