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Dynamic Portfolios Now Live!

Refining our investment management services

We have revised the three low cost Passive model portfolios under the Whitechurch Portfolio Management Service.
We widened their remits by enabling up to 20% of the portfolios to be held in actively managed funds.
Why We Made This Change
This is an investment led decision based on our belief that we can provide improved investment returns, whilst maintaining these strategies as low cost propositions.
The view that the “cheapest option is always best” can be a blinkered one. In reality it comes down to value over price. If you’re investing in an actively managed fund and the performance after fees has exceeded the index return, and this has been achieved without taking on extra risk, then this has been a better option.
It has been our experience that using only passive funds restricts diversification. In order to provide the optimum mix of funds our investment team believes that there is a place for both styles of investing (passive and active) to be considered when building a portfolio.



Whitechurch Defensive

Whitechurch Dynamic Defensive


Whitechurch Passive Balanced

Whitechurch Dynamic Balanced


Whitechurch Passive Growth

Whitechurch Dynamic Growth


This ‘hybrid’ style was already being employed on our defensive strategy and we have been pleased with the results. The widening of the remit provides all of the strategies with this greater freedom – a significant expansion of the fund selection universe, compared to using only passive funds. It provides us scope to invest in areas and strategies that a strictly passive portfolio cannot, with a view to enhancing returns.
Focus On Low Costs
There will be a strict limit on exposure to active funds. This is capped at 20% as these portfolios are designed to be low cost solutions for investors, for whom minimising charges are of paramount importance.
When building portfolios we will first of all look at the passive options available as they provide low cost with the most transparent access to market returns. If we are going to incur the extra cost of an active fund then we must have a reasonable degree of confidence that it is going to provide better risk adjusted returns.
These portfolios will maintain a low cost structure and the management fee will remain at 0.35% (Plus VAT) with no switch fees.  We will look to maintain an ongoing charge of the strategies to be no more than 0.75%, including our management fees and all underlying fund charges which we believe make them competitive.
Platform / Custodian fees will be extra and will be dependent on where the portfolios are held.
Investing in the Whitechurch Dynamic Portfolios
The strategies are available directly under the Whitechurch Portfolio Management Service. If you are interested in a Whitechurch investment management service please get in touch with your Financial Adviser. Your Financial Adviser can assess which strategy is suitable for your financial planning requirements and may provide ongoing monitoring on your behalf to ensure that it remains appropriate to your circumstances. 
Investing in the Whitechurch Dynamic Portfolios
The strategies are available directly under the Whitechurch Portfolio Management Service.
They also feature as core propositions on the following platforms:PMS_Brochure_Thunbnail
- AXA Elevate
- Novia
- Standard Life
- Transact
In addition to the widened fund selection universe, the portfolios will be managed with an unconstrained dynamic asset and geographical allocation (within clearly defined risk parameters), based on our investment team views regarding which areas offer the best opportunities at a particular time.
The portfolios will continue to be managed under the same core objectives and risk profile. All three strategies are independently rated by Distribution Technology on the Dynamic Planner service.
Important Notes
This notice provides information of a general nature and does not constitute personal advice. This type of investment is not suitable for everyone and you should take financial advice before entering into any obligation, which you are uncertain of, to ensure suitability. Past performance is not necessarily a guide to future performance. Investment returns cannot be guaranteed and you may not get back the full amount you invested. The stockmarket should not be considered as a suitable place for short-term investment. Levels and bases of, and reliefs from, taxation are subject to change and values depend on the circumstances of the investor.