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Thinking about selling?

If you're thinking about selling... We can offer a highly competitive exit solution that can be comparable in multiple terms to as much as 7x your recurring income


We have actually been selectively offering exit/retirement solutions to financial advisers for over a decade but we operate very differently to the large consolidators who simply want to hoover up a client bank.


We understand the challenges you may face in managing your clients’ financial affairs and the understandable concerns you may have about what happens to those clients when you exit the profession.




Considering your options

Naturally, a partnership will only work if it is of benefit to everyone; for you, before and when you retire, for us and, of course, for your clients.

We already work with a number of Financial Advisers to provide them with exit strategies from the industry.

 If you are thinking about exiting the profession, be it imminently or any time over the next 10 years, click on the link below, as the first step to exploring how we could work with you.

Want to discuss your options?