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Portfolio Management Service

The Whitechurch Portfolio Management Service is our entry-level service which provides clients with access to a range of low-cost portfolios (AMC from 0.10% + vat) with clearly defined strategies and risk profiles. We take responsibility for actively managing, rebalancing, reporting and administrating; providing clients with a service that would otherwise be hard to achieve cost effectively for advisory portfolios under £50,000.

The service consists of five Dynamic strategies, blending active and passive funds, plus an Ethical option.

Dynamic Strategies within the Portfolio Management Service - Find out more

All portfolios within the Portfolio Management Service (Dynamic and Active) are available for ISA or ISA transfers, stand-alone portfolios and the minimum investment amount is £3,000 lump sum or monthly deposits of £100 per month.

The Active strategies within the Portfolio Management Service offer the following benefits:

  • Active asset allocation
  • A rigorous fund selection process
  • Portfolio diversification
  • Ongoing fund monitoring
  • Portfolio invested in low-cost institutional share classes
  • Access to a wider range of fund managers
  • A transparent portfolio structure

All strategies cover a range of investment objectives and risk profiles that can provide a solid and fundamental base for any client’s investment portfolio.


For full details of our Portfolio Management Service, including details on fees and charges please go to our Literature Library.