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Personally Tailored Service

How it works

If you have a minimum of £250,000 Whitechurch will construct and manage your portfolio based upon your own individual risk/return requirements. This will encompass a managed portfolio of UK shares that will be diversified with a range of collective investments to provide access to overseas shares and other asset classes.

Further key facts are below or for full details of the Personally Tailored Service, including fees and charges please see the brochure in the Literature Library.

Investment wrappers

Under the Personally Tailored Service your portfolio can be held as a standalone discretionary managed portfolio, but may also be held within a range of tax efficient wrappers. The flexibility to take your Personally Tailored portfolio and use it as a Pension or Tax planning tool can be very valuable within your overall financial strategy.

New Individual Savings Accounts (NISA)

Whitechurch will accept NISA subscriptions for the current year as well as NISA transfers from previous tax years (including cash NISA’S) You will need to complete a separate application form.

Self Invested Personal Pension (SIPP)

Your Whitechurch Personally Tailored portfolio can be held in a SIPP with a number of providers. Please speak to your Financial Adviser.

NB: Holding your Whitechurch Personally Tailored portfolio within a SIPP wrapper will involve extra charges and separate terms and conditions with the SIPP administrator. Please speak to your Financial Adviser.

Key points

A Whitechurch Personally Tailored portfolio is purely fee-based. Whitechurch Securities will not receive any incentives from the underlying investments.

Whitechurch Investment Managers are not affiliated with any other institutions and have no in house funds.

A Whitechurch Personally Tailored portfolio is only suitable as a long term investment. It is not suitable for everybody. We recommend you take professional advice before entering into any obligations or transactions.

For full details of our Personally Tailored Service, including details on fees and charges please go to the Literature Library.