Whitechurch Blog: Whitechurch Working from Home Part 2

12th April 2020

Part two of our working from home updates.

 rm set up

What is your Working from Home set up?

So for me, I get a little more time in bed due to no commute so get up around 7.50 am and do a little exercise in my garage before having a shower and then some breakfast. Log on around 8.40 and get started for the day, liaising throughout the day with Dan and the team via Whatsapp. I try to have 5 or 10 mins break every 90 mins or so by having a coffee in the garden. After having a break for lunch get cracking again with the workload, which we are gradually getting used to, using no paper. Some days I have my 13-year-old son Jake so try to fit the odd bit of time ensuring he is doing any school work he has been given. Finish around 4.45 and then go for my daily walk around the area I live (Lucky to have Vassells Park and Snuff Mills on my doorstep).

How do you feel about the current situation/what do you do that helps you to feel positive?

It is what it is at the moment and the majority of people in the UK and the world are in the same boat. It takes a little while to get used to, especially the human interaction with the team but you get used to it, as long as it is not for too long. I also have my partner working from home and she works downstairs in her office so have the odd how are you doing on the stairs. You kind of have to stay positive and I try to get out in the garden as much as possible and hopefully more BBQs when the weather improves. I also try to look forward to things maybe later in the year when hopefully this is under control.

Rob Milsom, Investment Operations Manager


lh set up

What is your Working from Home set up?

I’ve left my morning alarm as it was at 7 am but snooze for a while before getting up and heading to the living room for 8 am to start work in my pj's, this felt quite strange at first but now I’m concerned I won’t know how to dress for work properly again when this is over. 9 am its time for PE which I would recommend to everyone who struggles with motivating themselves to work out, because of the set time and duration you can’t put it off and it’s a really good (hard!) workout. One thing that helps me feel a tad less lonely / out of touch with work colleagues is asking a few more conversational questions or sharing part of my day at the bottom of work emails if I haven’t been in touch with them for a while. I also find it quite satisfying to ‘pack away’ my laptop once I’ve finished work as it helps differentiate my relaxing space from my working space as they are currently the same!

How do you feel about the current situation/what do you do that helps you to feel positive?

Moving around, forcing myself to go outside even when I don’t feel like it as when I’m back again I feel much better and face-timing friends and family. I have just created a quiz that I will be hosting with my friends via facetime later, we are taking it in turns to host and it keeps you busy as well as challenging your brain.

What are the challenges?

The small screen. I’ve been spoilt with not one but two large desktops, going back to a small laptop is just torture! #firstworldproblems Of course, snacking has also been a big challenge, mostly because I eat them all within the first couple of days then need to wait to restock with the weekly ‘big’ shop. (TikTok has also become a problem but we won’t go into that.)

What did you enjoy doing today?

I have enjoyed posting photos of colleagues pets and helpers online! Since Monday I have had a steady stream of funny photos come into my inbox and it has really cheered me up, it’s nice to think that part of my day job involves posting cute photos, I feel very lucky!

Lauren Harding, Marketing Executive


What is your Working from Home set up?

I’m normally up by 7 am. A little later than normal since I don’t have to worry about the morning crawl across town. It made me think about jumping on my bike when lockdown is over. No alarms are required at home since my youngest is always up early every day without fail. After breakfast, the house splits into various zones and we try to respect boundaries. We have two classrooms upstairs and downstairs two offices as well as recreational and refectory zones. I use my small form factor PC which is plugged into my TV. I try my best to keep my hours similar to when I’m in the office but this can be a challenge when I’m asked to also be a school teacher. After I’ve finished work stuff I get my exercise in and crash out about 11:30.

How do you feel about the current situation/what do you do that helps you to feel positive?

I feel sad about the fact that the whole country is effectively under house arrest but understand why this has to be done to beat this horrible disease. What keeps me positive is the belief that once this is over, whenever that may be, is that as a society we will be more benevolent and understanding that we were in the past.

What are the challenges?

 I find it hard having to constantly change between different methods of communication.

  • Email
  • Zoom
  • Facetime
  • Phone
  • Text
  • Whats App.

 What did you miss doing today?

 I suppose it would be the social interaction with my team and the office banter.

Stephen Burfitt, Compliance Manager


We hope that the experiences of our staff help you feel as though you're not alone with the challenges we're all facing during the Corona Virus outbreak! As you can see, our staff are fully equipped to answer any queries you may have so please don't hesitate to email  if you have a discretionary query or  to reach our financial consultant team.