How to Exit The Industry: A Real Case Study

25th November 2019

We asked Alan Goule, who sold his business to Whitechurch when he retired, to go over some of the questions that he was asked by attendees at our Adviser Retirement Event. 

Why did you choose Whitechurch as your buyer?

I chose Whitechurch because I was a member of the Whitechurch Network which was previously owned and run by Whitechurch Securities Limited. I was happy with the relationship and I trusted Whitechurch. Over the long term, the deal was much better than compared to a deal offered over just two years.

When I decided to retire, I had two priorities: that my clients would be well cared for, and that I would continue to benefit from a share of the income I strived to build up over the years. Whitechurch was able to meet both of those aims.

What did you find positive about your experience during the process of selling your business to Whitechurch?

The Whitechurch Retirement Solution fulfilled my objectives of satisfied clients and a good retained value from my business. Most clients were happy to go with and stay with Whitechurch. Having its own in-house Discretionary Fund Managers helped with client retention and regular communication.

How did you find the process of passing your clients or company over to Whitechurch?

The hand over went well thanks to a joint lunch and presentation in addition to joint client visits. Mark from Whitechurch Financial Consultants did a very good job at the meetings. Whitechurch also helped me with the process of informing clients I would be retiring and smoothed the transition process of clients from myself to Whitechurch. They were very client focused.

Would you recommend Whitechurch to other IFA’s looking to retire?

I would certainly recommend the Whitechurch offer and would be happy to speak to anyone about it with or without prior notification. I should say that I received nothing by way of incentive for providing these answers or my speech and I have done it because, if anything, I feel I owe Whitechurch.

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