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Ethical Investment Solutions

We can offer a range of ethical solutions; from model portfolios with predefined requirements (to fit the needs of most investors); up to bespoke solutions for private individuals, charities and trusts. The range is available for investments of £3,000 upwards.

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Our ethical portfolios are all discretionary managed multi-asset portfolios which utilise the Whitechurch Investment team’s expertise in asset allocation. 

  • The portfolios are managed by the Whitechurch Investment team with Amanda Tovey as Investment Manager and Head of SRI & Direct Equities.
  • Investments can be placed either directly with Whitechurch or via a number of wrap platforms. Please contact our Business Development Team for more information.
  • We use Ethical Screening* to screen funds and equities for inclusion in our ethical portfolios.

 *Ethical Screening is a company dedicated to enabling the management of money according to investors' ethical values (

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 For an in-depth version of the timeline above, along with additional Ethical Investment resources, please read our Socially Responsible Investment Guide.

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