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Appointed Representatives

As an Appointed Representative of Whitechurch Securities Ltd you’ll have more time to align your business prior to retirement.  This, in turn, can ensure the smoothest of transitions for your clients.


Our programme includes the following services:

  • Professional Indemnity Cover
  • Regulatory fees
  • Full Compliance and T&C support
  • Marketing support
  • Para-planning services
  • Lead generation through professional connections
  • Orphan client reactivation
  • Client brochures
  • Back office systems (IRESS)
  • Whitechurch risk profiling process
  • Access to a suite of 3rd-party subscriptions such as Select-a-pension, FE Analytics and cash-flow planning software
  • Adviser training and development
  • Investment review system



Considering your options

Naturally, a partnership will only work if it is of benefit to everyone; for you, before and when you retire, for us and, of course, for your clients.

We already work with a number of Financial Advisers to provide them with exit strategies from the industry.

If you are thinking about exiting the profession, be it imminently or any time over the next 10 years, click on the link below, as the first step to exploring how we could work with you.

Want to discuss your options?