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Whitechurch Partnership Programme

Whitechurch Securities is an award winning wealth management firm. We are looking to selectively work with advisory firms and individual financial planners considering retiring or exiting the industry over the next decade.
Naturally an exit solution will only work if it is of benefit to everyone; for you, when you retire, for ourselves and, of course, for your clients.
We understand the challenges advisers face in managing their client base and the concerns they may have about what will happen to their clients when they retire; and we can offer a highly competitive exit route – through our Chartered Advisory services division; and we will work with you prior to retirement, to ensure a smooth transition.
Our offering is flexible and we will consider making up-front payments as well as putting together ongoing earn-out deals that could allow you to receive up to 70% of ongoing advisory fee income for up to 10 years.

Exit Solutions for Retiring Financial Advisers

Ian McIver


The Whitechurch Partnership Programme is headed up by Ian McIver. If you are thinking about exiting the profession, be it imminently or any time over the next 10 years, then please do contact Ian on 07708 712 967 or by email ian.mciver@whitechurch.co.uk. 

We are already working with a number of Financial Advisers to provide them with exit strategies from the industry. We also offer the option of simply taking on your investment clients whilst allowing you to continue to write insurance and protection business.


We have been selectively offering an exit solution for the past six years and it has proved attractive to advisers and their clients. To see if you qualify for our exceptional terms and to receive an information pack please contact our Business Development Team on 0117 916 6175 or email: dfm@whitechurch.co.uk

Below are some comments from Retiring Financial Advisers about our services:

"I just want to tell you how relieved I am that the Whitechurch Financial Planning team are not only honouring the spirit of our agreement but indeed are servicing these clients and providing them with sound advice. The fact that the team are making sure that the original adviser fees are being maintained and honoured is of course a huge relief for me. I was pretty sure that would be the case, and it is gratifying to know the Whitechurch team are acting in such an honourable way."

Nick Devon, Financial Adviser (Retired)


"I had been working in the Financial Services industry since 1982. For the last six years of my career I ran my own small Financial Advisers Company.

When I decided to retire I had two priorities. That my clients would be well cared for, and that I would continue to benefit from a share of the renewal commissions that I had strived to build up over the years.

A year after my decision to retire, the majority of clients stayed within the arrangement and I received regular monthly commission payments and statements. The Whitechurch Retirement Solution fulfilled my objectives of satisfied clients and a good retained value from my business."

 Alan Goule B.Sc., FCII. APFS., Chartered Insurance Practitioner (Retired)


"I had been working in the Financial Services for many years building up an established and loyal client bank over this time.

Retirement from this industry is not something that can be taken lightly, and for me was an extremely difficult decision to make. There are many considerations when making this decision but of paramount importance for me was my clients and knowing they would be well looked after once I have retired.

I would not hesitate to recommend Whitechurch if any Financial Adviser is considering retirement. They are a well established practice with the personnel and resources to take on client banks of retiring Financial Advisers whilst maintaining the personal, professional and friendly service my clients have become accustomed to."

Alan Sidloff, Independent Financial Adviser (Retired)